When carbon monoxide alarm goes off

Carbon monoxide detectors are the most effective ways of monitoring carbon monoxide gas. When it detects dangerous concentrations of carbon monoxide, the detector will send an alarm to let people evacuate to the outside in advance. However, the sound of a carbon monoxide detector alarm does not mean that there is a danger, and sometimes the detector will give false alarms. Therefore, this article mainly analyzes some conditions and countermeasures that trigger the detector alarm.


In general, there are several conditions that can cause a carbon monoxide detector to trigger an alarm, false alarm, low battery warning, detector reaching end of life and dangerous concentrations of carbon monoxide around.


False alarm:

False alarm behavior caused by the detector itself, when there is actually no dangerous concentration of carbon monoxide around. In this case, people first need to identify whether there is really carbon monoxide gas around, and the method will be explained below. If it is determined that there is no carbon monoxide around, people only need to restart the carbon monoxide detector or touch the mute button to mute it. Here is an additional point, after your detector is muted, if there is still dangerous concentration of carbon monoxide around within 10 minutes, the detector will continue to alarm and cannot be silenced until the surrounding carbon monoxide concentration is lower than the level that triggers the alarm. Therefore, people can use the mute button without worry.


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Low battery warning:

When the detector has one month of life left, the detector will sound an alarm. The specific alarm sound needs to be understood according to the accompanying instructions, such as 3 times per minute. At this time, you need to replace the battery in time. If the battery of the detector is built-in, you need to replace a new detector. Remember, you will need to touch the TEST button to test the detector after changing the battery.


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Detector reaches end of life:

Generally speaking, the detector will emit a unique alarm sound a week or a few days before it is about to reach its service life. Please refer to the attached manual for details. When the detector cannot continue to work, please replace it with a new one immediately to prevent carbon monoxide from entering.


The detector detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the surroundings:

In this case, the detector emits a constant, high-pitched siren, loud enough to wake a sleeping person. At this time, please wake up your family immediately and quickly evacuate to the outside. Call the police and do not re-enter the house until a professional arrives. (In the process of evacuation from indoors to outdoors, if you encounter a window, please open the window, so as to avoid excessive indoor carbon monoxide concentration)


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How to distinguish whether there is carbon monoxide around

In addition to monitoring the concentration of carbon monoxide with a carbon monoxide detector, there are two methods that indirectly reflect the presence of carbon monoxide around.


Method 1: Indirect reflection of the presence of carbon monoxide through objects


Identify health status

Carbon monoxide poisoning can make people dizzy, weak, and difficult to breathe. If you see someone who is pale, moving slowly, and may faint at any time, then she is likely to have carbon monoxide poisoning. Please take her outside for fresh air immediately and arrange admission to pure oxygen.


For the effects on the human body at different concentrations, please refer to here.


Method 2: Phenomena that may cause objects to change


Excessive moisture and condensation on windows, walls and cold surfaces

Flue or electrical jack rusted

Orange or yellow flame in combustion appliance (flame shall be blue)

The bricks on the top of the chimney are damaged or discolored


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