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What is carbon monoxide detector


Carbon monoxide detectors were invented to detect the harmful carbon monoxide gas, which reminds people whether they should evacuate in time by monitoring the concentration of carbon monoxide in indoor air. The working principle of carbon monoxide detectors is mainly related to its internal sensors. At present, there are mainly bionic sensors, semiconductor sensors and electrochemical sensors on the market.


Why should install carbon monoxide detector


In the UK, especially Scotland and Wales, as many as 60 people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning, and thousands are hospitalised with carbon monoxide. In order to further improve people's safety awareness and reduce the number of carbon monoxide poisoning, the British government introduced some regulations in 2015 to require households to install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes, but this has not attracted sufficient attention from households. Until 2017, the Grenfell Tower fire, which killed 72 people, attracted the attention of the government, making it mandatory for all residents to install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, otherwise they will face hefty fines. In this regard, landlords, residents, and companies have begun to install relevant detectors. First, the government requires them, and second, they do not want carbon monoxide poisoning to happen to themselves.


What aspect should people consider when buy carbon monoxide detetcor


Buying carbon monoxide is the right decision, before you buy it, you need to consider the following factors, which will help you spend less money and get a cost-effective carbon monoxide detector.



I have to admit the influence of the brand. Even if the price of the product will be very high, some people still buy it. A good brand is well-known and easily recognized by people. Another reason is that its product quality is also very high, and there are few problems of false positives and poor output. This is why the brand will become the first choice for people to buy carbon monoxide detectors. At present, the more famous brands are Kidde, FireAngel, FirstAlert. However, there are also some new entrants that, although not as well known, are getting a lot of orders on Amazon in just two months due to their features, which I will mention below.


Brand - Brojensmarthome



Price is the factor that affects whether people choose to buy and how many they buy. If two different brands of products have similar functions, but the price is too different, people tend to consider buying the cheaper one. In addition, people wanted to buy 3 detectors to install in their homes, but ended up buying only 2 detectors due to the high price. The price of carbon monoxide detectors on the market varies, and the approximate price is 15 to 30 pounds, which is generally acceptable.


Buy a cheaper one - Brojensmarthome



The function is the characteristic of the carbon monoxide detector, the basic function is whether it only measures carbon monoxide gas or it can measure other gases besides carbon monoxide. Does it have a digital display, does it have a mute button, how long does it last, etc. Generally speaking, the more functional it is, the easier it is for people to choose this product. In addition, it is also important to pay attention to some details of the user experience design. For example, the built-in battery-type detector can save people the trouble of replacing batteries in the middle, but it is necessary to ensure that the working time of the detector is at least 7 to 10 years, and there is no quality problem in the middle. Appearance design will also affect people's desire to buy. The most common detectors on the market are white with larger size. There is a brand of detectors with small size and black cube, which has been loved by a large number of users as soon as it was put on the shelves. Besides, installation is also a factor which should be considered. Some detectors need to be wired, which requires extra money to hire a professional master to install at home. If the detector is designed to be one-piece and can be installed by the resident alone, it will save customers a lot of trouble.



Taking into account the various factors mentioned above that may affect people's desire to buy, here is a highly cost-effective carbon monoxide detector: Wolf Shield carbon monoxide detector. This is a ten-year built-in battery-type carbon monoxide detector, equipped with a digital display, indicator lights, and most importantly, it is the smallest and lightest carbon monoxide detector on the market, and it is also the first black detector on the market. The cube-shaped design is in sharp contrast with detectors of other brands. In terms of quality inspection, it has passed the latest EN certification, and currently has a very good ranking and sales in the Amazon European market. In addition, the R&D team fully designs from the perspective of user experience when designing. It can be activated by simply inserting the included bracket into the detector, and it also comes with screws, allowing the detector to be installed anywhere in the home, and the installation time only takes 1 minute. If you want the detector to stand on the table, it is also possible, and we also include a three-dimensional bracket.

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