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Introducing Wolf Shield Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Choose Kits in Compliance with EN 5029-1:2018 (Updated Scottish Rules)

Does Your Alarm Meet with Scottish Rules?

The Scottish government published a new fire law on housing requirements in 2019, which came into force in February 2022, known as the Scottish Law.
Smoke Alarm: Need to install interconnected smoke alarms in living room, bedroom, hallway(10 years sealed battery life)
Heat Alarm: Interconnected heat alarms must be installed in the kitchen(10 years sealed battery life)
Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Must be installed in places where carbon fuel equipment (heaters, boilers) or flues are installed, and may not be interconnected with other alarms(10 years sealed battery life)

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Scottish Regulations 4 piecesScottish Regulations 4 pieces
Sale price£119.72 Regular price£200.00
Scottish Regulations 4 pieces Reviews
Save £100.34
Scottish Regulations 5 piecesScottish Regulations 5 pieces
Sale price£149.66 Regular price£250.00
Scottish Regulations 5 pieces Reviews
Save £120.44
Scottish Regulations 6 piecesScottish Regulations 6 pieces
Sale price£179.56 Regular price£300.00
Scottish Regulations 6 pieces Reviews
Save £62.22
Scottish Regulations 3 piecesScottish Regulations 3 pieces
Sale price£87.78 Regular price£150.00
Scottish Regulations 3 pieces Reviews


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