Sealed Interlinked Smoke Alarm - 10 Year Battery Life, Small Size

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Reliable Wireless Interconnected Smoke Detector: Protect your home with this advanced fire alarm that connects wirelessly with other detectors for comprehensive coverage.

Long-Lasting 10-Year Battery Life: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that this smoke detector's battery will last for a decade, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

Wide Transmission Range: With a transmission range of over 820 ft, this smoke detector ensures reliable communication even in large homes or multi-story buildings.

Compact and Space-Saving Design: The small size of this smoke detector allows for easy installation in any room without occupying much space.

Fast and Accurate Fire Detection: Benefit from the high sensitivity of this alarm, which quickly detects smoke and triggers a loud alarm to alert you in case of fire.

Technical Specification:

Voltage: DC3V(built-in CP605050)

Low-voltage inspection :2.2V

Current :Alarm current :≤120mA  Quiescent current:  ≤2uA

Status display :Normal smoke detection LED (red) flashes once about every 344 seconds, no alarm sound Smoke detection or key test LED (red) flashes and continuous alarm is given

Low sensitivity detection (silent mode) :LED (red) flashes every 9 seconds, no alarm sound, automatically cancel low sensitivity detection about 9 minutes later

Alarm memory :LED (green) flashes 3 times about every 43 seconds, and stops 24 hours later. The first time you press test/mute button after alarm is made, the detector will hint by special alarm mode.

End of life :After power-up and work for 10 years, end-of-life warning will be made. The buzzer beeps 3 times every 43 seconds.

Low-voltage inspection :LED (red) flashes about every 344 seconds, beeps about every 43 seconds.

Alarm loudness :≥85dB/3m

Wireless interconnection :Radio frequency 868MHz Interlink

range ≥100m (open field) Interconnection 


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