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Aren’t we in a smart tech revolution already? Yes we are, and with innovation in technology, new tech devices are smarter than ever. With tons of gadgets around, smart home gadgets are certainly the need of the hour or we can say future. 

Smart homes simply means smart appliances and gadgets that help you stay safe and ease out your day to day living problems. We often wonder how to strengthen our security, especially at our houses. Smart homes do exactly that, strengthening our homes with minimal efforts required to track and maintain them. And when it comes to luxury, is there any better luxury to track every moment on your smartphone? Not yet!

So the question is, how does smart homes work? Well, the answer is quite simple. Smart home devices use high-tech wifi technologies and sensors to track and transfer data. Smart sensors allow smart tracking and precision. The precision of tracking every single detail and change in motion allows these smart homes devices to perform like never before. 

1.Smart home security 

When it comes to security, there is no way of neglecting that. In the modern day era, where home security systems are a must haves in any household. Smart home security systems are much more reliable these days as they allow an all around security. With 24 hours access on your phone and high quality recordings, smart home security systems are products of the future.  In recent data, homes with a smart security system installed have 60% less chances of getting robbed or even considered for a break in. Even if someone tries to break in, when no ones home. It automatically puts on the alarm and informs the owners with wireless networking.  Burglars often target homes with no such security systems as the chances of getting caught is less. 

How are these new and improved smart home security systems better or different from the ones from the past? Well, every technology is built for improvement and better efficiency. New age smart home security gadgets are mostly wireless and have better range.  Due to highly optimized smart sensors, and 360 degrees viewing angels, smart home security systems are way more reliable. 

2. How are smart home devices vs smart security systems? 

With the increase in concerns over security, having a luxury smart home device that gives you no protection is just another waste of money. Remember the days when a service provider sends technicians to install huge security systems and monitoring units. And the monitoring was next to impossible without any help from an expert. Well not anymore, smart home security systems are as easy as any smart home device in your home. Although you can hire a trained professional for monitoring your security devices, you can easily access them on your phone. No more long-term costly contracts with a service provider needed. Just a one time cost and a few hours to install. These new and improved do-it-yourself(DIY) smart security systems are way ahead of its time. Is it totally different from smart home devices? 

Well, technically they are not, smart home security systems are just a subset of smart home devices. Having said that, there is a huge difference between brands who focus on either one of them. Smart home devices tend to give luxury and comfort and hence their reliability is under question. On the other hand, brands who focus on security systems have tendencies to provide a fool-proof system as it’s about the security. There is no space for any errors there. 

Another big difference you can easily see is the price difference. Smart home brands who focus on luxury only charge way more money and deliver barely minimum. Since brands with focus on security systems know the worth and demand of security in every household, the pricing may sound reasonable from their end. 

Moreover, many smart home devices may work in coordination with security devices. But since security has always been a major concern and should be, choosing the right security system is important. 

There are many home security brands out there who are willing to offer quality smart home security products with a reasonable price range. Some of them are Vivint, SimpliSafe, ADT, Frontpoint, Ring and so on. You can request their services on their websites. 

3.Smart home security systems in the market 

Since the demand for smart home security systems are at peak, there are plenty of options out there in the market to choose from. But the question is, what is good for you and how will you choose the best?, according to your needs! 

The answer can differ but the prime motive of asking this question will remain the same, a smart security system that ensures all around security. Smart home systems can include anything from smart door sensors, fire alarms, security cameras, heat sensors, etc. A Combined combination of smart gadgets that may uplift your life experience for good is what we called a smart home device. 

On the other hand, smart home security systems are just focused on the security aspect of the place. Well, that’s definitely the most important aspect anyways. 

Most smart home product based companies are focused on introducing products that are more intimidating and eye-catching for the users. While, brands with focus on security systems have one thing in their mind, to create products that make you feel secure in your homes. 

4.Is your smart home safe enough?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we live by connecting all the devices we use in a single place. It is as simple as running any device like a remote control: the first TV remote was developed in the 1950s. Since everything is digitally smart now, any device, from your Wifi and TV to your heating, door locks, and lighting, can be connected to a single controller through the internet, giving you total control of your home.

With high technology comes high risks too, and concern over reliability in new techs are understandable. Since everything is connected through the internet these days, the chances of them getting hacked is high too. 

So, are your security systems safe enough? Well, certainly yes! How? Well, smart home automation had a bad past due to its security concerns as the internet of things (IoT) was never safe. Hackers can somehow identify some cracks if they want, although, with new and improved farewell, new age smart home products are way safer and secure. 

In a highly anticipated blog post, kaspersky mentioned one of the most effective and easy steps to protect your devices, they are

  • Use the screen lock on your smartphone to ensure no one can access it in your absence.
  • Ensure all your computers and smartphones are password protected. Use strong passwords that are difficult to crack, and above all, don't use passwords that are easy to guess (like your birthday or name).
  • Ensure your main computer account is not at an administrator or root level. If a hacker gets in, this will limit what they can do to your system since they won't have administrator privileges.
  • Change the default username and password on your router. Changing the name will stop hackers being able to guess the device or network you're using. Use WPA authentication to create a secure network.
  • Use firewalls on any computers and on your router. Most routers have a firewall built into their hardware, but it must first be enabled by the user.
  • If your existing router doesn't offer you good security features, replace it with one that does.
  • Use strong security software on your computers and smartphone to avoid installation of malware or infection by viruses. Get Kaspersky's Anti-Virus software or go for the Total Security package that will provide an all-in-one cybersecurity solution for your smart home.
  • Always run security patches and updates and keep your software up to date. Outdated software has vulnerabilities that are easy for hackers to exploit.

To know more, head over to

5.How to convert your home into a “Secured Smart Home”?

We have talked a lot about how these customized smart home automation can bring peace to your life by allowing an all around security. But how can you do it? And what will it take to convert your regular home into a Smart Home

We will be discussing top 10 security products that can totally convert your home into a place where you can be at peace with your family. The safest place ever! 

  • Smart Camera 

Whenever we talk about security, surveillance is what we can really start from. Over the past one decade, cameras have evolved significantly and they are just better than ever. Remember those single mounted cameras with very low quality and hardly any sound? Well, not anymore. 

A full fledged set of smart indoor cameras are a true game changer when it comes to covering space and providing real time analysis. With smart features like voice command( Yes, you can now simply say “alexa, show me the living room”) which converts your smartphone into a live streaming screen. 

What else it can offer, well here are few of them: 

  • Night vision
  • Cloud storage
  • App control 
  • 1080 Full HD recording
  • Two way audio
  • Motion detection

You ask for a perfect surveillance smart camera feature, and it has it all. And we are yet to discuss different modes such as owl mode, bat mode and spider mode that allows a single camera to cover every inch of your house. 

Don’t even dare to ask about the looks, these smart cameras have cutting edge design to provide a sense of luxury, every time you look at it. The sleek curves and geomatics designs makes it a total next-gen gadget that works amazingly and provides elegance, both at the same time. 

  • Door-Window Sensors
  • Done with the basic need of a smart camera, let’s move on to something that people usually neglect but is another important gadget. A Door-Window sensor is a sensor based lock system that detects and monitors the entrance points of your home. If anyone tries to barge in when you are not at home, these sensors turn on the safety alarms and also notify you on what’s happening at your place. 

    Since the sensors are so optimized, the chances of getting in without getting caught is next to impossible. Packed with a unique alarm system that sends notification straight to your smartphone, this Door-Window sensor is a must have product for your smart home.

  • Motion sensors 
  • We are talking about security here, and what we need is a fool-proof gadget that can detect any motion that may look suspicious. Sometimes, it’s not possible to put a  camera on every single place, and small spaces or places where people can keep a track on. These motion sensors allow an easy to install option to increase security. 

    An ultimate device to add to your home security system. With features like customized volume control and easy to install and tracking, this motion sensor certainly is a gadget that completes the security kit of your home. 

    Available in very compact sizes, this can be installed almost anywhere. The design looks like a small box and hence can easily be installed anywhere without getting noticed. This movable device covers a large area and safety sensors are precise and responsive. 

  • Gas detectors
  • Over 30% of home accidents happen in the kitchen and for most of the parts, it’s because of the gas explosion. In over a decade, gas related accidents have increased significantly. This is because of the automated gas systems. Their systems tend to be safer but with more luxury comes more ignorance. 

    Problems like keeping the knob on, or some sort of leakage that went unnoticed until it’s harmful enough to cause damage are quite common. Having a safe and secured kitchen is everyone's desire and gas detectors are there just for that. 

    These small but reliable detectors are easy to fit in. With features like self testing, access through your smartphone, it can’t get any better from this. What else? Well, imagine you are out shopping. And some sort of leakage happens, your smart gas detector will automatically notify you about it on your phone. Result? Simply a life saving scenario. 

    • Water leakage sensors 

    Water leakage has been a major problem in many households. As we all are already aware of water shortage issues, all over the globe. “Save Water” is a campaign that gained popularity when most of the developing countries around the globe started to have water shortage issues. With so much pollution and water wastage, saving water is a necessity now. 

    Since we are already figuring out ways to save more water, water leakage is something we can’t ignore. It’s like a sin in today's world. Water leakage is also important as sometimes it can cause serious injuries and may harm some electrical appliances. 

    Water leakage sensors, as the name suggests, detects every possible water leakage and informs it prior to any damage. These sensors can be installed in any place having a water connection. Kitchen and bathrooms being the key places for these sensors. Some people also use it around basement areas and on the top of the roof for rain check. 

    How do we get the notification, quick and loud alarm is always there to grab your attention and a fully automatic and wifi system allows your phone to keep a track, every single second.

  • Smoke detectors 
  • These are one of the most common gadgets that are used in almost every household. Since devices are smarter, they are not precise on detecting smoke particles and differentiating between a food burn and an actual smoke break in our situation.  Usually a smoke detector is needed in every room, but if you have a very big house with multiple floors, having a strategy on how and where to install these may help you to have a better idea when buying it. 

    Analyzing your space and understanding the range will help you to install it in the best way possible. 

    • Indoor siren 

    This is an all in one safety device, a perfect add up to any smart home security system. Remember that siren that automatically alerts all of us about something is wrong, well this is exactly that but better. 

    Since it;s a smart device, the detection happens with precision and reports you will get notified with a loud enough siren. Since every smart product is connected with wifi, it is easier to keep a track of your phone even when you are not around. This is your personalized home security alarm system. 

  • Temperature controller and humidity sensor
  • What about a small wall mounted display that allows you to detect the temperature and track humidity?  Available in almost every smart home, these sensors simplify the temperature tracking with sleek yet smart displays. This is very useful in maintaining a certain condition within a room in your house. 

    Sometimes, extra humidity leads to some unwanted skin conditions, in order to avoid that, these sensors work on a pre-set calculation. Having a centralized AC system that works good enough to provide enev conditioning, these sensors can help in managing and tracking it more efficiently.

    A simple design and easy to use interface, this temperature controller and humidity sensor look amazingly elegant in any living room or any central space. 

  • scenario switch
  • This is something really new and exciting in the field of the smart home device arena. Smart ZigBee scenario switch is structured and designed to comfortably trigger four pre-programmed scenario conditions. These switches can fully control your home with one just one single touch. This scenario switches conditions that govern the behaviors of lights, garage door, window shade, or other devices connected to ZigBee Home Automation or security systems. 

    With customization, you are free to create your favorite scenario conditions for different occasions. With no additional wiring, The battery-operated WSS-4E- ZBS is ideal for the expansion of home automation options in new-aged or modern smart homes where cabling solutions are limited and stressful. 

  • Hub
  • We kept this little beast for the end as we have discussed 9 super amazing and high efficient smart home products. But what is that one thing that makes them all a smart device, the ability to transfer data all at one place. With so many smart home devices in a single place, a hub becomes an essential part of every customized smart home set-up. A hub allows you to track every smart home device, all at one place. 

    With smart voice assistance and super fast wifi, this hub can single handedly resolve all your tracking problems in a single place. It can connect with almost every possible smart home device and allows you to have an organized and stable central system. 


    We have discussed top 10 smart home devices that can be a real-game changer for your smart home. All  these products work digitally, and you can keep a track on each one of them by just a glance of your smartphone. With increasing digitalization, the stability and accessibility is increasing too. 

    We all want to live in a place where we can feel safe and have peace of mind. Thanks to these monitored smart home devices, the idea of a true secure and peaceful place came to existence. 

    Top 10 Smart home devices: 

    • Smart Camera 
    • Door-Window Sensors
    • Motion sensors 
    • Gas detectors
    • Water leakage sensors 
    • Smoke detectors 
    • Indoor siren 
    • Temperature controller and humidity sensor
    • scenario switch
    • Hub

    All these devices are compatible with numerous amount of brands including industry leaders such as;

    • Alexa
    • Google assistant 
    • SmartThings
    • XIAODU
    • Tencent Xiaowei
    • DingDong
    • IFTTT

    All these products are curated and presented by the experts in the field.Having said that, quality of products and seamless working is all we want. Trusting the right brand and sticking with it is important. These products are a one-time investment and since the idea of neglecting security concerns are out of the table, you need a brand that provides quality products with reasonable pricing. 

    We are hoping that this blog solved a lot of your queries and concern over security and smart home assistance. To learn more about these products head over to our website.

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