how to prevent hackers

Can Smart Security Systems Be Hacked?

The short answer is, “All of them.”

In the past five years, the number of IoT-related cyberthreats has increased by a factor of 70 and continues to grow.

Research indicates that the number of attacks on smart homes is 12,000 times a week. 

That doesn’t sound very encouraging, right


1. How Hackers Work

The vast majority of hackers appear to originate from the US, India, Russia, the Netherlands and China.  

Here is an easy, step-by-step process for hacking smart home:

  1. Log keystrokes:
  2. Hack passwords:
  3. Gain backdoor access:

2. The Impact of Hacking

Think you don’t need to worry because you don’t have much money to steal? Hackers couldn’t care less.

There are countless ways to leverage all types of personal data for profit. Through identity theft, cyber criminals can open new credit cards or apply for loans in your name.

By getting your financial information, they can make purchases or withdrawals. These attackers can even find ways to target your friends and family once they gain access to your email.

Are there any tips to prevent hackers?

3.Super Useful Tip to Prevent Hackers

(1) The PassGuard

It’s incredible that the humble, old-fashioned password system is the main line of defense protecting our most high-tech devices. Take your passwords seriously! 

Use different password for every devices and change passwords periodically.

(2) Destrory any smart home devices that you throw out.

If you decide to sell, discard or give away one of your smart electronics, be sure to delete all your data.  

Otherwise, the next person to touch it may automatically access all your information or communicate with other devices on your network.  

(3) Enable Two-Factor authentication

Even if a hacker could steal your password, he wouldn't be able to attack your devices without your own verification code.  

(4) Install updates regularly:

Make sure you update your software and apps regularly and get rid of old apps you don’t use.

(5) Use secure WiFi connections:

Public wifi, vulnerable to hackers.

There are many ways to hack someone's password, from educated guesses to simple algorithms that generate combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. The trial and error method of hacking passwords is called a brute force attack, meaning the hacker tries to generate every possible combination to gain access.

Another way to hack passwords is to use a dictionary attack, a program that inserts common words into password fields.

4. Finally Words 

We all love smart home devices but are not aware of its dangers. We have written this article for individuals to help them recognize online threats and avoid hacking.



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