Wolf Shield New Gas Alarm - Black

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  • 12V Power Gas Detector  12V power gas detector is suitable for detecting gas leaking, natural gas, for RV Van Boat, Camper Restaurant, etc. Twelve volts of power means no missing or dead batteries to replace and this alarm is built for extreme RV environments
  • Small Size Only 1/4 part size of the most brand in the market
  • Easy to Install Use 3M adhesive to minimize installation time -- easy to install and attached to strips/walls/panels near gas-consuming devices and floors. 

  • Additional FeaturesAlarms can be equipped with an additional sensor to improve safety in larger Spaces.  
  • High Decibel Sound Alarm】Gas Alarm comes with a 70dB alarm and can be connected to possible signals.  
  • Quality Guarantee】: If there are any quality problems with this product, please contact us, we will help you replace it unconditionally or you can return it and get a refund.
  • Other than common burglaries and thefts, multiple other safety concerns can be around your RV but might go out of notice until it causes an issue. One such common issue is gas leakage which does not come into notice that easily. For the same reason, ISmart Home Security has come up with an RV gas alarm detector that is compatible with any extreme environment. It is very easy to install and is compact, making it the best option. Additionally, it comes with a high decibel alarm sound equipped with multiple devices for improved safety. Try today.

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