Purchasing a product covered by a warranty can help ensure your peace of mind. If things don’t work as expected, a warranty may allow the purchase to be returned, replaced, or repaired. A product’s warranty acts as a guarantee that it will perform. However, not all warranties are equal. A warranty might cover a product for a lifetime or a matter of days. It may cover all kinds of damage or be limited to specific defects. Certain actions, such as misuse, may render a warranty invalid, preventing you from returning a broken product. Understanding how warranties are created and operate will help you know when you can return a product for damage or defect.

What will void your warranty?

Belows are some of the most common reasons warranties are invalidated by merchants:

  • The warranty period has expired.
  • The defect or part is not covered.
  • The product failure is due to misuse or lack of proper maintenance.
  • You have made significant alterations to the product, affecting its performance.
  • Products damaged due to a natural disaster, including but not limited to lightning, flooding, earthquake, or fire.
  • Products that have been updated, reworked, or improperly tested by the Customer, or by a third party at the customer's request.

How to apply for warranty?

If your detector, sensor, alarm or hub, here are the steps you need to take:

1. Verify and understand your coverage.

2. Request a service visit to file a warranty claim.

3. Contact us via email address or online chat, clarify to the company when the product was broken and clarify what your warranty states. Enclose a sales receipt and a copy of the warranty in case there are any doubts or questions.

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