Home Automation So Popular


Home automation is so popular that if you do not have some form of home automation in your home you are in the minority.

Research group Kagan reports that the number of U.S. smart homes grew to over 15 million at the end of 2016. While this total equates to just 12.5% of total U.S. households, that percentage is forecasted to grow to 28% by 2021.U.S. smart homes as a percent of  total U.S. household

1. What is Home Automation?

Home Automation isn't that difficult to understand, in our home, most things are automated. " Alexa, play music ". 

Whether it's ECHO or thermostat, these devices are connected to the Internet, which allows them to be controlled remotely. 

To put it simply, It gives you access to control devices in your home from a mobile device anywhere in the world. For example, you can set your lights to come on automatically at 7:30 a.m, or you can have your thermostat turn the A/C up about an hour before you leave work so you can maintain a comfortable temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius.

home automation

2. Reasons Why People are Opting In

      1. Affordability

The cost of home automation has come down from the prices at its advent.

The more smart home products emerge on the market, the more competitive the price will be  

 After the price adjustment, if it is useful to people, it is also affordable.

      2.Enhanced Security

Home invasions happen all the time in US.  Studies show that every 18 seconds, a burglary takes place somewhere in the United States.  Home automation allows you to remotely view your home and gain alarm capabilities.  These are enhanced security and peace of mind  

      3.Increased Safety

Home automation features also form a system that increases safety whether it is lighting your way when you get home at night or helping monitor an aged loved one with motion sensors.

      4.Energy Savings 

According to calculations by the Fraunhofer Institute, intelligent house control can save up to 40 percent of heating costs. 


Smart technologies allow you to offload a multitude of time-sucking tasks to a system which you can schedule to perform or have learned your routines and respond accordingly. This allows for a more productive and enjoyable lifestyle.

      6.Can Protect One That They Love Most

Whether it be your family or your pets, home automation takes a huge step toward ensuring the safety of your loved ones. With the ability to remotely activate a security system, you now have the ability to protect your children even when you can’t be home to protect them yourself.



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