What alarms are in an RV?

Many RVers have a varied list of RV accessories, but some are more important than others. One of the most often used accessories is also one that is often overlooked: RV alarms.

Not all RVs come with RV alarms already installed or included as part of the standard RV equipment package, but they are incredibly useful and easy to install, making them a must-have for any RV owner.

RV alarms can include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, security systems and even GPS monitoring devices so you always know where your RV is. This article aims to break down some common RV alarms available on today's market and help inform RV owners which types will best suit their needs. 

Alarms to detect fire aren't just limited to smoke detectors. Some RV alarms are designed to detect fire in its early stages, when it's still just a minute spark that might not catch the RV on fire for several hours. RV security systems with thermal detectors can sense high temperatures and then sound an alarm to get RV owners' attention. This type of RV alarm makes RVers aware of problems like over-heating motors or electrical fires before they get out of hand.

Alarms that detect smoke and carbon monoxide gas are also found in many RVs today, usually as part of a standard RV equipment package or included as an option. Both types of alarm utilize photoelectric cells: smoke detector cells register any change in light intensity while carbon monoxide cells detect changes in reflected infrared waves from these cells. RV alarms that detect carbon monoxide can warn RVers of dangerous levels in the RV, while smoke detectors sound an alarm if smoke is detected.

RV owners should check that RV fire extinguishers are included as part of their RV equipment, and make sure they're kept in good working order. RV security systems with heat and smoke sensors might automatically shut off motors or electrical appliances to prevent fires, but RV fire extinguishers can help RVers combat any small blazes that break out on board their RVs.

Another type of RV alarm people often forget about is a GPS tracking system which allows you to track your RV's movements wherever it goes – an important consideration for many RVers who like to take extended trips far from home and have RV accessories that send out signals when the RV is being driven. RV alarms with GPS tracking devices are usually installed by RV dealers or RV manufacturers, and they send out signals that RV owners can pick up using handheld GPS devices. RV GPS tracking devices help RVers keep track of their RV, ensuring they know where it is at all times and who's driving it.

 RV GPS tracking devices are an important RV accessory for RVers who enjoy RVing to different locations regularly.

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