The Best Carbon Monoxide Detector 2022-Meet EN50291

Because most carbon monoxide detectors look the same, you might think they're the same. They should work fine as long as they're certified by a testing agency, right? not entirely. 

The ability of carbon monoxide to be sensitive could mean the difference between life and death.. According to the CDC, more than 400 Americans die each year from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, and about 50,000 Americans end up in emergency rooms.

In this article, we compare the best-selling carbon monoxide detectors on the market with our brand of carbon monoxide.

It should be noted that the response time of different models to carbon monoxide varies as well.

1.First Alert CO511Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Detector

The sensor in the alarm will work no matter where it is placed in your room.  This provides additional flexibility for those who want to plug their alarm into out-of-the way sockets or don't have enough options available.  

Voice alarm and location detection

Wireless interconnection


A bit large

No LED warning light

Key Specs
• Power Source: Battery
• Sensor Type: Electrochemical
• Dimensions: 5.1 x 5.1 x 2.4 in.

Although this battery-powered carbon monoxide detector comes with a big jump in price compared to our first two recommendations, its features are next-level. It has a voice alarm, plus it can be connected to other units to create a wireless network for blanket coverage in your home. Once the exact location of carbon monoxide is detected, it pings the other units and triggers the voice alarm. What is missing is an LED warning light, a feature included on detectors that cost much less than this First Alert. Two AA batteries are included for installation.

2.Wolf Shield Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Wolf Shield Carbon Monoxide has a sensor with a 10-year service life and an 85 decibel alarm that notifies residents when carbon monoxide exceeds 30 PPM.  The carbon monoxide detector also features three LED indicators to indicate alarms, faults and normal operation.  

At the same time, Wolf Shield Carbon Monoxide has passed the EN:50291 standard, and has an advantage in price under the condition of little difference in quality.

Accuracy is one of the first things that you’d want to have in an RV carbon monoxide detector, and this Wolf Shield model doesn’t disappoint. It uses an electrochemical sensor that is known for its accuracy in detecting carbon monoxide. Equipped with an 85 dB alarm and 10 years of lithium battery life, this detector is sure to keep you and your family safe. It’s wireless and easy to install.

With an easy-to-read LED display, this detector also shows the current and peak carbon monoxide levels over a period of time. You can also silence the alarm by pressing the test/reset button. Since it’s battery-operated, there’s no need to worry about the long wires that usually get in the way. The package comes with the right anchor plugs and screws that are required to easily install in your RV – anyplace, anytime.

Approved by the BSI (British Standards Insitute), this alarm is one of the most reliable RV carbon monoxide detectors that you’ll find on the market.


Size-The world's smallest and slimmest.

Life: 10 Years

Display: LED & LCD

LED: 3 indicator light, Alarm-Power-Menu

Scene: RV, Hotel, Home, Kitchen

Final Thoughts

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real threat, and it’s important to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family. We hope that this guide has helped you understand the different types of carbon monoxide detectors and how to choose the right one for your RV.





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