Wireless LED Digital Display Carbon Monoxide Gas Densor CO Detector Alarm Tester


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1. Electrochemical sensing technology, high sensitivity and high detection.
2 .Digital display of the concentration of toxic gases, acoustical-optic alarm alarm.
3 .Using chip control technology, saving and durable.
4 .Small size, exquisite industrial design.


Working voltage: 1.5V x 3=4.5V (3 AAA batteries not included )
Static current: 20uA
Working humidity: relative humidity 15%-90%
Digital tube display without voice sound and light alarm concentration value: 100PPM-199PPM (+ 50PPM)
Digital tube display and continuous voice sound and light alarm concentration values: 200PPM and above (+ 50PPM)
Wireless transmission frequency: 315MHZ/433MHz
Wireless transmission distance: 300 meters (open)

Package included:

1 x CO Detector
1 x English User Manual
A package of screws

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