Wired Curtain PIR Motion Detector 909

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Product Description:

Auto temperature compensation
Pulse count adjustment
Anti-white light interference
Anti-RF interference (20V/m-1GHz)
Fresnel lens
Portable installation bracket
Alarm output NC/NO (optional)
Uses high end Japan dual element passive infrared sensor
Verified to meet EN-50131 EMC requirements

Product Specifications:

01.Power Voltage: DC9-16V
02.Static Working Current: ≤20MA
03.Alarm Current: ≤15MA
04.Alarm Output: NC/NO optional
05.Mounting Method: Wall mounted / Ceiling Mounted
06.Sensor Type: Passive infrared sensor
07.Weight: 41g
08.Sensitivity: 1P/2P optional
09.Detection Angle: 15 Degree
10.Installation Height: 2.2 Meters recommended
11.Detection Distance: 6 Meters
12.LED Light: ON/OFF optional
13.Tamper: Yes
14.Dimension: 80*34.5*28mm
15.Screws Weight: 4g
16.Connetion Wire: 14.5cm

Communication mode: 

Zigbee 3.0 protocol, networking through the gateway, transmission distance of 150m (open environment)

Main body dimension:


Shell material:


Secondary body dimension:


easy for installation

  • fix the door and frame with 3M glue and keep them in the same plane

Enable scene

fix the door and frame with 3M glue,Standby time up to 1 year (triggered 30 times per day)