Wi-Fi Smart Camera - 1080P Full HD Indoor

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  • 易于使用 - TECKIN CAM 由 Teckin App 通过 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 网络配置和操作。它可以安装在墙上或放置在架子上。通过互联网享受 1080P 和 108° 广角观看的实时流媒体。
  • 运动/声音检测 - TECKIN CAM 检测声音和运动以自动录制视频。Teckin 应用程序会在触发时向您的手机发送通知。当您不在时,您可以安心。
  • 双向音频和夜视 - TECKIN CAM 能够与房间内的人进行双向对话,从家庭成员到宠物。夜视模式可让您在黑暗中看清,最远可达 32 英尺,配备 6 个红外 LED。
  • 与家人分享 - TECKIN CAM 允许您通过 Teckin 应用程序与家人分享实时流媒体时刻。您可以在外出时查看家人、宠物或家的情况。
  • 云服务和 SD 存储 - TECKIN CAM 在 T-Cloud 和 SD 卡存储(最大 128GB)上为视频提供双存储。我们根据您的需要提供免费的 T-Cloud 存储服务以及升级包。


包装尺寸: 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.6 英寸

A Wifi Smart Camera is used to track what is happening in your home and in your workplace. Smart Camera uses a Wi-Fi network to telecast the video on your smartphone or monitor. You can leave your home and office safely. Its installation is very easy you just have to plug and play, Right after you downloaded the Application. You can track your employees while you're outside of your office. While after reading this one thing comes to your mind for sure. which is the best Wifi smart camera. So here is the answer ismarthomesecurity.com provides the best Wifi Smart Camera for all purposes. Get one for yourself and makes your home safer

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