FireAngel Pro Connected Smart Smoke Alarm, Battery Powered with Wireless Interlink and 10 Year Life, FP2620W2-R

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Brand: Fireangel


  • FireAngel Pro Connected Smart Smoke Alarm, Battery Powered with Wireless Interlink and 10 Year Life, FP2620W2-R
  • FireAngel's Thermoptek Technology will rapidly sense all types of fire and initiate the loud, clear alarm, giving you precious time to escape
  • Use independently as a single unit or wirelessly link with multiple FireAngel Pro Connected Smoke Alarms, Kitchen Heat Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Accessories including Gateway and FireAngel Connected App
  • The device comes with a sealed Panasonic battery which has been rigorously tested to ensure endurance. This means that under normal circumstances you can expect the alarm to be functional for 10 years without ever having to find replacement batteries
  • Multiple connected products will alarm simultaneous meaning alerts to fires in secluded areas will be heard across all products instantly
  • Install one in the circulation space of each level of the home (hallways and landings) as well in each of the rooms where you spend most of your time (living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, also check local requirements)
  • Optional - install this alarm alongside the FireAngel Pro Connected gateway to enable instant updates to your smart phone or email
  • Comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty, giving peace of mind
  • Suitable for homes in Scotland when installed following the guidance stated in the Scottish Fire and CO legislation due in February 2022. Also suitable for homes in England and Wales

Binding: DIY & Tools

model number: FP2620W2-R or FS2126T

Part Number: FP2620W2-R or FS2126T

Details: The Fire Angel Pro Connected range has been designed in-house at our Midlands based development center and has been rigorously tested to ensure unrivalled quality and longevity. Each product is packed full of enhanced technology, with a sleek and polished design to fit seamlessly into your home. What alarm network do I need to protect my family and home? Fire Angel have multiple product and installation options to suit all requirements. First, decide whether you require mains powered or battery powered units (or a combination of both), then consider the below: Standalone: Choose a single Fire Angel Pro Connected alarm for independent zone protection. Network: Wirelessly link multiple Fire Angel Pro Connected alarms for ultimate protection and an instant alert to danger across the whole home. The alarms communicate via a unique radio frequency and can be interlinked via a simple 2-step process; they are completely secure and do not require your home’s internet connection to operate. (Mains alarms can also be interlinked using a hardwired process as detailed in the product manual). Smart App: Adding a Fire Angel Gateway and the free Fire Angel App (iOS or Android compatible) into the alarm network allows you to test your alarms from your mobile, tablet or laptop. You can receive instant notifications of danger and review any operational issues with your alarm units. The Gateway is the bridge between your alarms and the App and relies on your home’s internet connection to operate; but should your internet connection fail your alarms will still communicate within the home, offering the same complete protection but without push notifications to your device. How many alarms do I need to protect my family and home? In order to identify how many alarms to install you need to research the guidelines for fire detection that apply in your local area, using regulations such as Building Regulations or the guidance in BS5839-6, and consider your property type; whether that be private owned, rented, build, renovated etc. The advice below is purely provided for practice in England and Wales and should not be used independently. Smoke Alarms: To offer ultimate protection we advise a smoke alarm within the circulation area of each floor of the property, as well as within the main habitable areas such as bedrooms and living room. It’s important to remember that the sensors in all smoke alarms deteriorate after time, at Fire Angel we recommend that smoke alarms are replaced every 10 years. Heat Alarms (Kitchen Alarms): Heat alarms are the only alarm suitable for use within the kitchen as they’re not affected by cooking fumes like traditional smoke alarms. Over 60 Percent of fires start in the kitchen, with cooking and faulty white goods (fridges and tumble driers) being the main causes. We recommend a heat alarm is fitted in the kitchen, but you can also fit additional heat alarms in the garage and loft to protect these areas. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms: A Carbon Monoxide detector is the only way to be alerted to a carbon monoxide leak; it can’t be smelt, tasted or seen so it’s impossible for human senses to detect. Known as the ‘Silent Killer’, carbon monoxide (CO) occurs when fuels burn incompletely, with common sources being boilers, gas fires and hobs and solid fuel burners. However, carbon monoxide can also pass through walls, so you would also be at risk if a neighbouring property had a leak. We recommend a CO alarm is installed between 1m and 3m away from each fuel-burning appliance, as well as installing additional units in areas such as living rooms and bedrooms where you spend most time whilst at home. For homes in Scotland please see the Fire Angel website, or local government website for full guidance but when installed following the guidance all Fire Angel Pro Connected alarms are compliant with Scottish Fire and CO Laws due February 2022. All Fire Angel alarms are independently tested to EN14604:2005+AC2008 (Smoke Alarms), EN50291-

EAN: 0816317005450

Package Dimensions: 6.8 x 5.4 x 1.9 inches

Languages: English

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