Dual Passive Infrared Motion Detector
Dual Passive Infrared Motion Detector
Dual Passive Infrared Motion Detector
Dual Passive Infrared Motion Detector
Dual Passive Infrared Motion Detector
Dual Passive Infrared Motion Detector

Dual Passive Infrared Motion Detector

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  • This product has a variety of unique self-test functions, automatic temperature compensation, anti high frequency interference and other functions, the experiment proves that the detector can work reliably under the high frequency interference of 20~1000mhz (such as mobile).
  • The circuit design adopts the pulse counting technology. P.COUNT selects the jump pin J1 for the pulse count, and selects to insert the first-stage pulse count for the general indoor environment.
  • The selected one is the secondary pulse count for the harsh environment. The factory setting is one-stage pulse count.
  • This product has the alarm output normally closed / normally open optional function, in order to facilitate the connection of different alarm host, the user can adjust the RELAY jump pin J2 on the PCB as needed. Select to insert N.C. (normally closed state), select to unplug N.O. (normally open state), the factory setting is N.C. (normally closed state).
  • This product has an optional LED on and off, the user can adjust the ELD jumper J3 on the PCB as needed. Select to plug in the LED light, select to unplug the LED off, the factory setting is LED light state.

Binding: Electronics

Publisher: BROJEN

Details: The dual passive infrared detector works according to detecting the infrared spectrum of the human body. When the human body moves within its detection range, the sensor can receive its heat source signal, and after it is processed by internal circuits and unique lenses, which can effectively prevent the pet from generating an alarm. It is widely used in banks, warehouses, homes etc. Technical Parameters Working Voltage: DC9-16V Current Consumption: ≤25mA(DC 12V/hour) Working Temperature: -10°C/+50°C(14°F/122°F) Sensor Type: Dual pyroelectric infrared sensor Pulse Count: first level, second level optional Mount Method: wall mounted Installation Height: about 2.2m Detection Distance/Anti-pet Level: 10m/25kg Detection Angle: 110° Alarm Output: NC/NO optional, contact capacity DC28V, 80mA max Tamper Switch: NC, no voltage output, contact capacity DC28V, 100mA max Installation Fix the detector bracket to the wall with screws first, then hang the detector. The recommended installation height is about 2.2m, and the detector should be at an angle of 6-12 degrees to the wall. The objects that can cause temperature changes like air conditioners, electric fans, refrigertators, ovens, windows should be avoided. Please avoid obstructing objects in front of the detector lens. When installing, be careful that the indicator light is above the lens in order to avoid the detection.

EAN: 5059116126291

Package Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.2 x 1.8 inches

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