Indoor 360 Degree Ceiling Mounted Mini PIR Motion Detector Infrared Sensor Light Switch NC NO Output Options Intruder Alarm

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The dual passive infrared detector works according to detecting the infrared spectrum of the human body. When the human body moves within its detection range, the sensor can receive its heat source signal, and after it is processed by internal circuits and unique lenses, which can effectively prevent the pet from generating an alarm. It is widely used in banks, warehouses, homes etc.

Technical Parameters
Working Voltage: DC9-16V
Working Current: ≤25mA(DC 12V/hour)
Working Temperatur: -10℃/+50℃(14°F/122°F)
Sensor Type: Dual Pyroelectric infrared sensor
Function Selectable: J1: 1P/2P, J2: NC/NO, J3: LED ON/OFF
Installation Height: 2.5*6m
Mount Method: Ceiling mounted
Detection Range: 6 meters in diameter(installation height is 3.6 meters)
Alarm Ouput: NC, no voltage output, contact capacity DC28V, 80mA max
Tamper Switch: NC, no voltage output, contact capacity DC28V, 100mA max

Installation and Use
1. Installation
a)Select the appropriate position, fix the mounting base plate to the ceiling with screws, and then hang the detector;
b)The recommended installation height is 2.5-6 meters;
c)The installation location should avoid close to air conditioners, electric fans, refrigerators, ovens and objects that can cause rapid temperature changes, and should avoid direct sunlight on the detector;
d)Please keep no objects in the front of the detector lens in order to avoid affecting the detection effect.

2. Use
a)Connect the cable according to the wiring diagram, and then cover the detector cover box;
b)Turn on the 12V DC power supply, the indicator light flashes continuously, and the detector enters the self-test state;
c)After 60s,the indicator light goes out and the detector enters the normal monitoring state. At this moment, if someone walks in the detector coverage area, the LED indicator lights up, and the detector outputs the networking signal;

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