How To Protect Your Smart Home From Hacking?

Have you installed smart home devices but don’t know how to secure them? Or are you worried that the security measures are prone to hacking? Then look no further. We will guide you step by step on how to keep your devices safe from hacking.

No doubt smart home automation has brought a lot of convenience for consumers. But with it comes many privacy and security issues. There are high chances of hackers spying on your personal and other sensitive information if you do not configure smart home devices.

In this article, we will give you 10 tips to secure your smart home devices so that there is no breach of personal data and you can live worry free.

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How Smart Home Devices Could Be Vulnerable To Hackers?

Before we dive deep into details to secure your smart home devices. Let us know how smart home devices could be vulnerable to hackers.

There are many ways that make smart home devices vulnerable to cyberattacks. Sometimes it’s the default setting that includes the default password and username that makes it easier to hack. Even if that's not the case there are other possibilities too. If you have not set a strong password and installed firewall protection then hackers can hack through IP addresses. You need to be aware of any phishing message or file. It may breach your privacy. If you have not updated your devices then there are high chances of hackers invading your information.

10 Tips On How To Secure Your Smart Home Devices

Here are 10 tips to help you solve your smart home devices security issues

Invest In Good Technology Brands

It's important to invest in well reputable brands when it comes to smart home devices. Research what a particular brand offers. Do they have built-in security and privacy protection in their devices? Check out the customer's reviews and ratings on their websites. If you have smart home devices with less security then you should consider replacing them.

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Secure Your Router

To protect IoT devices from hackers it’s really important to change your default router settings. Change your default router username and password to something unique and strong. Hackers find it easy to hack if your router has a default name and password. Check the level of encryption your router supports. If it offers WPA or WEP protocols then you may need to change your router.

Use Strong Passwords For Devices

Now that you have changed your default setting of the router it's time to set the strong passwords for IoT devices. Most devices have apps associated with them. You have to create an account to access it. So make sure to use strong passwords for devices. You can also opt for using a random password generator for password ideas. To save passwords use password managers to make your work easy. But make sure these password managers are from credible companies.

Do Not Download Any Suspicious Link

It’s a common practice to open a link without even realizing it may be a virus. Especially when it comes to smart home devices, hackers leave spammy links. Avoid opening any suspicious message or email that you receive. Do not download any file as it may also contain malware


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Keep Your Devices Upto Date

Keep your devices secure by installing the latest updates. As security has become a huge concern, manufacturers are also working on it. They often release updates to protect iot devices from hackers. While most people tend to ignore it, it's really important to install the updates. Hackers find it easy to hack those devices that do not update regularly.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

To secure your smart home devices further, enable two-factor authentication if your device has an option. It asks for additional verification apart from credentials. So if somebody tries to log in they have to enter a six-digit code to access the device. Most importantly it sends you a notification if someone tries to get into it. It’s a great feature to secure your devices from hacking.

Install A Protection Software

Run an antivirus software regularly to protect your device from any attack. Install firewall protection software to deal with smart home devices' security issues. Most devices offer built-in protection software but they do not offer the most advanced functions. So it's important to employ a good firewall that protects the devices most efficiently.

Isolate Smart Home Devices On Secondary Network

Connect all your IoT devices to the secondary/guest network. Most routers have an option to set up your IoT devices to separate networks from your computer or laptops. It ensures the safety of information in case your IoT devices get hacked your information on other devices will remain intact.

Use VPN Or Encrypted Wifi For Remote Access

Public Wifi is not a safe option as it becomes easy for hackers to hack. There are other options like using your mobile data to monitor activities. You can also use VPN to secure your network. While the best option is to look for an encrypted network to monitor the activities.

Check Settings Of The Devices

Check the settings of the device when you install any. Every device has some settings that allow data permissions as default. Go through the details of every setting. Make sure you only allow the information that you feel comfortable sharing. While it is in your hands to share the information that you want. Some devices allow Bluetooth connectivity. While others set remote access as default. You can disable features that you won’t use to keep your devices safe from hacking


Smart home automation is becoming popular day by day. But at the same time, many security concerns have come to the surface. You can buy the latest or most expensive smart devices. But solving these smart home devices security issues is the key otherwise it's not going to work out. Do a little research about what steps you can take to keep your devices and information protected. We hope this article has helped you to secure your smart home devices. So if you are still thinking of getting smart devices due to security concerns. Then think no further and enjoy the comfort of managing your devices from one click away.



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