what is smart home

1.What is Smart Home?

The definition of a smart home is pretty much the same, which only makes it more confusing.

We've put this together and we're going to explain the smart home to you in the simplest way possible.  

Smart home technologies is about connecting smart home appliances and devices to the Internet of Things.

Some of these connected devices can analyze data using edge computing and send it to the cloud. lt enables users to control connected devices remotely.

These smart home systems can send alerts to users as well.

what is smart home


  • By selecting preset scenes at a single touch, you can adjust specific lights for a friendly get-together, a romantic dinner or a family movie night.
  • Smart TVs connect to the internet to access content through applications, such as on-demand video and music. Some smart TVs also include voice or gesture recognition.
  • Thermostat allows you to control air temperature with voice commands.
  • Smart Grill, alerting you on your smart device when your grill is preheated, what the internal meat temperature is, and when your meat or fish is fully cooked.

2.How does it work?

Smart home is to connect smart devices to the Internet, through which devices can operate with each other. 

Devices can communicate with each other, they need to speak same language--comunication protocol.

Zigbee and Z-Wave are two of the most common smart home communications protocols in use today.

What's the difference between them? How does work? Learn more details, refer to...

Devices that wirelessly handle data communications are called smart hubs.

how does smart home work

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