RV Tips and Tricks: You can't miss any of them
1. Make a list when you go
When you leave, print out this free rv departure list and place it in an easy-to-access location.

2. Know your rig height
Find out how tall your rig is. Write the height on a label or tape and stick it to the dashboard. Before continuing, please note the low-hanging branches and the height of the overpass. Use RV safety GPS to ensure you have a safe route.

3. Level your rv before filling the tank with fresh water
Leveling your RV before filling the tank will ensure that you actually get a full tank.

4. Attach the towel pole (and other items) to the wall with external grade Gorilla mounting tape
The external Gorilla mounting tape sticks to the RV walls better than the command bar or anything else we found.

5. Use a broom rack to secure a flashlight or wrench
The 3M Command broom stand is perfect for storing flashlights and wrenches in a basement storage area or rv.

6. Replace your RV shower head
This trick will help save water while still having good pressure. Oxygenics shower heads allow you to enjoy longer and better showers in your rv. Read more about replacing RV shower heads from Do It Yourself RV.

7. Use instant pressure cookers
Instant Pot pressure cookers allow you to easily cook delicious dishes in much less time than traditional cooking methods.

You just put ingredients in and out, and the Instant Pot comes out of there. Bonus: You can vent the Instant Pot outdoors, so cooking won't increase the humidity level in the trailer.

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