Different RV Security System Options That Work

For RV owners, security is an important issue. RV thefts happen often because not as much attention is paid to those vehicles as other cars and trucks on the road. RV owners should be aware of all the different RV security system options available for their vehicle so they can choose which will work best for them.


RV Security System Options:

- Recreational vehicle tracking system – a device that typically stays with the owner or operator rather than being installed in the RV itself. Some systems require a monthly subscription fee while others do not, but both come at a cost to customers who use them past a free trial period. The devices also must have cell phone reception in order to transmit data from the RV to law enforcement agencies or companies that rent out RV space.

- RV security system with GPS tracking – a device that works like the tracking system for cars and trucks, but it has to be wired in and won't work when the RV is turned off and parked somewhere. These RV security systems require a monthly subscription fee too, and the devices must have cell phone reception in order for police or companies to find out where they are located.

- RV security system without GPS tracking – this option does not track the RV owner's location at all times because there simply isn't enough coverage for it to work easily across much of the US. RV owners who choose this option do so because they want their privacy but still want some type of roadside assistance service to protect them if they get stranded on a side of the road.

- RV alarm system – this is an RV security option that is basic and does not require any further costs, but it may be less effective than other types of RV monitoring devices because there is no automatic way to track the RV if it goes missing. An alarm only sounds when someone has broken into or is tampering with the RV itself, and then RV owners would need to call police as soon as they discover what happened in order for officers to begin looking for their vehicle.

The RV security system options above are some of the primary ways RV owners can monitor where their vehicle is at all times even if they aren't driving it. Choosing one type of device or provider over another usually depends on a customer's specific preferences as well as their RV insurance policy.

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