Leak Detector Alarm, Smart Sensor and Alert, Turns Off Flood Source


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Brand: HydroCheck

Color: Black


  • Only leak-detecting product that turns off the appliance and sounds an alarm when water is detected—Prevents major flooding and water damage
  • New and improved sensor is capable of detecting extremely small amounts of water—works great with dehumidifiers!
  • Keeps appliance turned off until WaterWatcher is manually reset—Stops the problem in its tracks!
  • Compatible with dehumidifiers, aquariums, hydroponics, washing machines, well pumps, and much more!
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY—And an exceptional customer support team that is available to answer all of your product and installation questions!

Binding: Tools & Home Improvement

Details: Hydrocheck WaterWatcher 是一款创新的防漏设备,旨在防止来源泄漏。 当检测到水时,WaterWatcher 会关闭导致泄漏的设备,并发出警报声。 这款 WaterWatcher 能够检测到最小、纯净的液体,适用于各种水控应用。 其中一些应用包括:除湿机、洗衣机、水培、水族馆、空调冷凝、水冷器、洗碗机和自动咖啡机。 安装过程简单直观 — 只需将传感器冰块放在有泄漏风险的最好的地面上,然后将控制模块插入 120 VAC 插座。 在正常情况下,WaterWater 的输出给设备供电。 检测到泄漏时,WaterWatcher 会发出警报,并关闭输出,从而关闭设备。 WaterWatcher 通过拔下电源并将其插入到重置状态将保持关闭状态,直到它重新安装。 额定电压为 120 VAC,最大 14 安培电器。 不适合户外使用。

Package Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.3 x 4.2 inches

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