Elderly SOS, 4G, Smart Watch & Pendant with Heart Rate


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Brand: Bigfoot


  • Pre-Installed Sims card with 30 days of Free Service. $5 per month after free trial period
  • Comfortable Silicone watch band with Free Pendant adapter
  • Quick Easy Setup with Good User Manual
  • U.S. Sales and tech support
  • Reliable 4g device and functions. Requires AT&T service availablity

Binding: Wireless Phone Accessory

Details: This is a Elderly, SOS, 4G, Smart Watch, Cell phone & GPS Tracker. This is a excellent choice to mointer elderly safety. It includes an INSTALLED Sims card with 30 days of free service, comfortable black silicone watch band, pendant adapter, quick and easy setup instructions. You can track watch location in real time anywhere anytime. Also, you can monitor Health functions: 1)Blood Pressure/Heart Rate: Heart Rate/Blood Pressure Test Data of the Day or History can be viewed in this interface. Heart Rate/Blood Pressure can be measured in real time by clicking on the remote measurement icon. 2)Walk:In this interface, you can see the number of steps of the day or history movement. 3)Turnover in Sleep:This interface allows you to view sleep status. SOS emergency call: Users can just press SOS button to circularly call family numbers for help in case of an emergency. Voice and Text chat: The watch and Adminstrators cellphone can send voice and text messages to each other. Historical Route Track(Footprint Record): Past locations of the GPS watch in during the last month will be stored in system for your future checking. Camera Feature: Supports photo taking. IMPORTANT: This watch supports 4G network, while most GPS watches on Amazon support only 2G network. This is the reason why our price is higher than other GPS watches, 4G GPS watch chips cost more. Waterproof: IP67 waterproof. Elderly can wear this watch to wash hands and take a shower. This watch is specifically designed for the elderly with poor hearing having loud speaker volume. Note after the initial free 30 days this watch requires a monthly subscription for cellular service. Most users renew their plans starting at $5.00 per month. Our watches have the Speedtalk mobile sims card preinstalled. Activation of Sims card upon receipt is required by you. This will require a credit card. For all functions of the watch to work properly including GPS a good AT&T cell signal in necessary. For US only.

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