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  • [5-in-1 Keyless Entry Door Lock] 5 ways to unlock/lock, smart lock for front door: Fingerprint + Smartphone (Bluetooth & WiFi ) + IC Card + Code + Mechanial Key.
  • [Smartphone Control] Smart lock provides the ability to manage all keys and monitor use to see who unlocks the door and when; You can also grant and control access to everyone (family, friends or neighbors), grant access for weeks, days or hours, and modify or remove access as needed, all at your discretion.
  • [Auto-Lock Make Your Home Security] The smart lock has the safety protection function of automatic locking. When you enter or leave the house, the smart lock will automatically lock at a fixed time (5-900 seconds, customizable).
  • [High-Quality and Durable] The front and back panels of the smart lock are made of zinc alloy materials, which are waterproof, dust-proof, sun-proof, shock-proof, high temperature and low temperature resistance. Suitable for various environments. (Waterproof Rating: IP65, Working Temperature: -4°F~158°F, Working Humidity: 20%~80%RH).
  • [Super Easy to Install] Just watch the short installation video and read the user manual, When installing the smart lock, first use an electric drill to DRILL A SMALL TOP HOLE IN THE DOOR, and then use a Phillips screwdriver. The installation can be completed in about 30 minutes. No need for a professional locksmith, no need to connect any wires, very easy to operate. The left and right handles can be adjusted to each other.

Details: The Wisdom of Life-Aibocn Smart Deadbolt Lock Advanced intelligent unlocking technology provides safe and diverse door opening and closing methods for your family. This Aibocn model: S210BL-F smart door lock uses 4 keyless unlocking methods: code, fingerprint, IC card, and smartphone. It replaces the traditional mechanical key and also has multiple security protection mechanisms, that are convenient for you and your family., at the same time, you can use it with peace of mind! Start your smart home life with Aibocn, welcome to the Aibocn family! Features 1. Connect Bluetooth and Gateway, use TTlock App to control smart lock on smartphone. 2. Advanced fingerprint recognition, 150 fingerprints can be entered. 3. Smart IC card unlock, 300 sheets can be set. 5. Auto lock. 6. Intuitive LED display and voice prompts. 8. Emergency power supply. 9. DIY easy Installation. 10. Up to 1 year battery life. 11. Suitable for left door and left-handle (can adjust). Note 1. To power on the lock, four alkaline AA batteries(not included) are required. 2. This lock is not designed to be exposed to direct sunlight or rain. It is not waterproof IP rated. 3. Keep your fingers clean when using this lock. 4. Initial unlock passcode: 123456. 5. System Reset: The reset button is on the backside of the back panel, right behind the bottom of the battery. Press and hold for 5 seconds directly by hand, the voice will prompt the next step, and then press "0000#" on the front panel digital electronic touch screen keyboard, your smart lock system will be restored to factory default settings and delete all smartphones and fobs from the memory. Package Aibocn smart lock S210BL-F(included components)*1 AIBOCN Thank You Card Version B * 1 User Manual * 1

Package Dimensions: 9.4 x 8.0 x 4.3 inches

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